Roll Off Container Repair Mt Clemens Michigan


Do you have roll off containers that have been damaged and are not in working condition? AJ's Container Repair can repair most any type of damage to roll off containers including bottom replacement, top rail repairs, welding, wheels, latches, doors, ladders, rip, hole, and tear patching repairs. Get your roll off containers back in use earning income.


Are your roll off containers looking worn and beat up? We can take a dented, rusted, and damaged roll off container and have it looking like new again with our repair and painting services.


AJ's Container Repair will allow you to outsource the repair of damaged roll off containers, we can get the job done quickly and for a reasonable price. We specialize in the repair of damaged roll off containers, dumpsters, and front load dumpsters. We have years of experience with any type of roll off container repair including rusted out bottoms, bent gates, frozen rollers, damaged latches, bent or rusted walls or any type of repair you require.

Roll off container ladders repaired and rebuilt


Roll off container door repairs and replacement


Roll off container holes and rips patched and repaired


Roll Off Container Repair Services


Our roll off container repair services include but are not limited to the following


Call us today at (586) 256-2498 for a quote on roll off container repair services. We understand you need your containers working and in safe condition. We will work with your time constraints and provide excellent quality roll off container repairs for a reasonable price.